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Random Analog Melody (Roland System100 & TipTopAudio system)

An experiment making the Roland System 100 (MOD102) and the TipTop Audio minisystem interact in a random access melodic theme. The “S & H out” of the Roland drive the direction of the sequencer and the clock. The TipTop programmer/sequencer controls the vcos for the melody and modulations. The TipTop Z3000 vco is used as an audio source together with the Roland vco, and as a modulator for the filter and for the Roland vco. The Z3000 is used as source for the sample and hold too.

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Noise Planet – TipTop Audio Mini System

Playing with my new portable modular by TipTop Audio I started messing with Frequency Modulation…

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Acidlab Bassline video

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Back home from holidays…

I’m back home from holidays, I’ve spent some really nice time playing with the Nintendo DS on the seaside.
So in the next days I’m going to share some tips & tricks about the DS music applications, they are really interesting!

This is a famous Daft Punk song played by a friend of mine (Gattobus), using only a Nintendo DS lite with Korg DS10 (software) and a Korg Microkorg (reverse keys).
Simply amazing!!!

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Good vibrations !

I packed my bag, as I’m leaving for the summer holidays, and I decided to take with me my Monomachine and the Casio SK5 , just to play around…
I cannot live without playing my machines…
I’ll be back next week, have a nice summer in the sun!!

Enjoy the Good Vibrations!!

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Daft Punk played with the CASIO SK5

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Squarepusher played with Roland MC-202

“Theme from Hernest Borgnine” by squarepusher played on the Roland MC-202

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Elektron Monomachine Season’s Greetings

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Nanoloop composition on Gameboy Advance

An amazing song on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

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