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GlitchDS on Nintendo DSlite

GlitchDS is an homebrew application  for composing/performing glitch music on the Nintendo DS.
It’s based on samples , that are played by masks and that can be altered with modulations and distortion.
The result is really interesting and is like having a micro laptop for your glitch needs that can travel in your pocket!

I made this video demo during a composing session, so it can sound not so  “groovy” or complitely logic in some parts, but can be interesting to show some of the power of this software and how it works.

I forgot to say that it’s sample based, but you can load your own samples with one shot sounds but even loops and then experimentation starts!

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Yamaha VSS30 Glitch Percussions

I’ve done this video to show the Yamaha VSS30 in the sample editing territory…
A simple plick made beating two pens together near the onboard mic can be transformed in a rhythm…

Something like the bouncing ball by Aphex Twin…

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Yamaha VSS30 preset sounds editing

I’ve made this video to demostrate how the the yamaha  VSS30 can mangle  the internal waves.
Everything is done only with the VSS , no external efx and NO samples.

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Elektron Machinedrum IDM tweaking

A great example of tweaking in IDM style!

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Buchla 259 Vintage Oscillator

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Korg MS-20 video introduction

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